Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You're my favorite, today

Yes, yes, I know.  You're not supposed to have a favorite but let's face it:  there are days that some or all of my tiny tots are drivin' mama crazy!  A dear friend of mine, that also has three kids, told me that she does this with her kids.  Granted, they are older and probably have less fragile egos than my little girls, but still - it's kind of fun.  The babies don't get it, of course, but Ellie does.  Anything I can do to convince her to be just a little bit less of a stinker, I'll take!

Ellie, as mentioned, can be quite challenging.  She is sweet and funny one minute and then can turn on a dime and quickly become my least favorite of the day.  Today she got up at 5:30am.  She has a clock in her room and has VERY specific instructions about when she can get up.  5:30 is not the preferred time. So I marched her back to bed and told her to go back to sleep for what should have been about another hour.  Ellie will lie in her bed and watch the minutes tick by until the clock says the magic time. 

Today was no different. Though I couldn't swear to it, I am pretty certain that she did not go back to sleep.  She actually wasn't too bad for most of the day, went to school, came home, hung out and then convinced Daddy to take us all to dinner.  Within 30 seconds of arriving, she is screaming, crying and freaking out about something teeny.  Her day has finally caught up to her.  We immediately turn around and get back into the car to head home.  More crying and screaming.  Mike is now plenty angry, the babies are confused and hungry, Mommy is angry because now I need to feed three very hungry kids, with no plan!  Ugh.  We had her in bed tonight by 6:45.  Ellie, I'm sorry to say, you were not my favorite today. 

Rachael.  The Rachinator actually woke up today in a great mood.  This is not normal for her.  She definitely takes a little time to wake up.  She requires a little patience, ok, a lot, and most of the time she works through it within 10-15 minutes.  Today she was funny and silly and full of smiles.  Rachy is a really funny kid and when she's on, she's awesome.

By mid morning, Rachael is driving me crazy.  She is feisty, she is screaming, hitting, biting and throwing things.  She will NOT sit in her high chair for lunch so I switch her to a booster seat so I can strap her in tight.  It sort of works and she did eat but continued being a stinker until it was time to take Ellie to school.  This is usually a great distraction for the babies.  Of course, she would not sit in the car seat for anything.  We stopped at a park on the way home, as we usually do, and her mood really had not changed.  Fine, we're outta here.  Time for some Tylenol and a nap (if all else fails, you know!).  After nap she was better but the damage was done.  Rachael, I'm sorry to tell you that you were not my favorite today.

Jilly.  Oh Jilly.  As I've posted before, Jilly is probably everyone's favorite in our house to some extent.  Oh don't get me wrong, she can stink up the place just as well as her sisters.  When Jilly is in stinker mode she is super clingy and also really likes to throw things.  When she is in sweet Jou Jou mode, she is just all kissy and lovey and silly and does her best to take care of her sisters and to shower everyone in house (including the cats) with lots of kisses and presents.  Jilly slept in the latest today (as is usually the case), woke up in a great mood, sat in all the appropriate places, ate everything she was supposed to eat, did only minimal throwing of things and was really a joy to be with all day - even though she did scream a little at the park!  Jilly, you win the prize.  You were my favorite today.

Of course being the favorite of the day does have it's drawbacks.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil so all of the attention today went toward Rachael and Ellie.  When this happens I really try hard to recognize it and make up for it somehow.  Jillian really loves her snuggle time so I tried really hard to give her lots of snuggles and extra time at naptime and bedtime.  Some days that is the best I can do for the one kid who didn't drive me crazy all day.
(Rachael and Ellie above, Jillian below)

I love all three of my girls so much and now I understand what it means to love each child equally, but differently .  Ellie and Rachael are passionate and bold, they are funny and they and love all animals.  Jillian is sweet and sensitive and very affectionate and she can really turn up the power when she needs it.  We've always said she is tiny but mighty.  I love each of them for all of their qualities (good and bad!) and truth be known, they're all my favorites, every day.  I cannot believe how blessed and lucky we are to have three such incredible, healthy, wonderful girls.  Hey, I've got to have some fun with my crazy, crazy days so let me pick a favorite every now and then!                            


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